Habitat -Symbiotic algae

The magical relationship of connecting two opposites. Living algae embracing gemstones in mutual symbiosis. A set of jewellery that at first glance shows the interplay of two distant worlds.

The attraction of opposites

Gemstones bring well-being and inner peace to life. And so it is in the form of jewellery from this collection. They are alive, as if captured in motion, reminiscent of love and the interplay of other worlds.

Gold threads and opals

The jewellery is based on the Cocoon collection. The author has built the jewellery on very fine gold threads that are intertwined around natural opals.

Habitat- Symbiotic algae

Opposites living in symbiosis. Love emerging in an environment that is not predestined and yet blossoms and excels. Jewellery where flowing gold embraces opals. A disparity that feels natural.