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Earrings Flowtron-N

  • Approximate weight 6,5 g.
  • Price from : 46 800 

Detailed information

I have expanded the Cyberpunk collection in the earrings section. The Flowtron-N earrings complement the Flowtron ring and the Crosstron and Rocktron pendants beautifully, and together they form a set of original jewellery. The combination of differently sized prisms with precious stones evokes a rock that, despite its massive appearance, can be fragile and beautiful and, upon closer examination, interesting in its small details. The earrings with a total size of 16×14 mm are decorated with a total of 14 gemstones, 4 of them with a size of 3mm, 2 with a size of 2,3mm, 6 with a size of 2mm and 2 with a size of 1,8mm. The total carat weight of the stones used is 0.782 ct. You can choose them in different gold variations to complement the gemstones of your choice. Check out the gallery to see the variants.

Due to the natural origin of the stones, the colour, clarity and degree of inclusions may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Would you like to learn more about gemstones? My guide will help you . You can read about diamonds here.


What you should know

Not sure about the size, I'll be happy to help you with it, just contact me .

​​It takes me from 10 days to 1 month to produce a piece of jewellery. However, I have some jewellery in progress, and these can be finished faster. Don't be afraid to email me your desired date to make it all work out!

​​ The rings are an original author's creation. All stones have a certificate of authenticity, gold is hallmarked at the Assay Office. The rings are made of 14ct (585/1000) gold. It is also possible to make them from 18ct (750/1000) gold. The price of the rings includes consultation and testing. The final price depends on the size of the ring and will be specified after order confirmation.

Please note that each piece is an original and therefore the jewel may differ slightly from the photo on the e-shop.

I am a Czech goldsmith, I have several design awards and I have been making jewellery since I was 16 years old.

I have made over 300 rings that have changed the lives of over 200 couples.

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