A cluster of golden insects that, when you break them down,
you will get an original set of three jewels.

Luxury composite jewellery Zlatohlavek

Jewellery that is not just for wearing. By putting together a ring, earrings and pendant you get a sculpture that doesn't succumb to trends.

3 in 1

The jewellery is based on the author's popular Tron collection. The sculpture is placed in a glass sculpture by the talented glass artist Eliška Monsportová. Together and individually, they will become a decoration for every woman and interior. The golden head is made of rose gold and black diamonds.


A piece of jewellery that can turn into a work of art in a moment, which will fascinate you with its shine and folds, just like the golden beetle whose name this small work of art bears. Disparate shapes that are nevertheless uniform. A glow that draws attention to itself. It's up to you whether to adorn yourself with a ring, a pendant or earrings.

Jewel Beetle