How to choose a gift for the bride

The wedding day holds a special place in every woman’s life. It is also an opportunity to give a unique gift that will remind the bride of her day forever. Whether the bride is your daughter, sister or friend, believe that a unique piece of jewellery will always make her happy. Moreover, you can choose so that it can be decorated already on the wedding day.

Not to let you down, I’ve written another simple guide to help you find the right gift.


For such a unique event, I would choose delicate earrings with diamonds, which symbolize love and the strength of the union. This will support the bride’s beauty no matter what wedding dress, hairstyle or make-up she chooses. At the same time, it is also the most closely related to weddings.

The delicate Wreath earrings consist of a tangle of golden wands that hold precious stones in their construction. Not only will they be a beautiful decoration on your wedding day, they will surely find their place for everyday wear as well.

Mol earrings from the Molecule collection express feminine grace and fragility. Elegant and distinctive earrings that will remind the bride of her wedding day forever.

If you decide to go the pearl route, I would recommend the new Plasma earrings. Airy, rustic earrings have a romantic feel and are suitable for everyday wear. Moreover, pearls always differ from each other in colour and lustre and can thus give the wearer a feeling of uniqueness.


ET bracelets are perfect for making the most beautiful wedding gift. Delicate, with nice symbolism and because I always make them to measure, you don’t have to worry about them not fitting.

You can choose from two options. The ET bracelet consists of gold balls, a couple of which are decorated with bright brilliant diamonds, or the ET Pearl bracelet, which is characterized by the regular alternation of diamond and pearls.

It is also a common tradition to donate something new, old, borrowed and blue. If you wish to “kill two birds with one stone” look around my collections for jewellery with blue sapphires. One of them could be the already mentioned ET bracelet.


The most popular among brides are minimalist necklaces. Again, I would opt for a diamond design and a simple design that will enhance the beauty of the bride’s wedding outfit. It is important to make sure that they are light, comfortable and do not tear.

You won’t go wrong with a decent necklace from the Mol collection. It’s petite, goes with every dress and not just dresses and suits everyone.

If you are a fan of more expressive jewellery, I recommend the Sunflower necklace, which will surely put a smile on the bride’s face. Inspired by natural, organic patterns, it is ideal for a meadow wedding.

If the bride’s dress has a high neckline, reach for a Molchain necklace. This elongated and delicate necklace will light up the bride’s cleavage and take not only the bridal outfit to a whole new level.

Don’t forget that it is also possible to order a unique custom-made piece of jewellery. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about bespoke jewellery at or by calling 739057125.