How to choose the right engagement ring?

Engagement. Although they no longer have the meaning they once did, we still see them as a moment symbolizing the expression of true and deep love between two people. They usually take place in a romantic or otherwise significant place and often fall on St. Valentine’s Day. Whether you love or hate this holiday, whether you plan to propose surrounded by rose petals or at the top of a snow-capped mountain, we’ve got a guide on how to tackle one of the most difficult tasks that an engagement entails – the ring. Whether you’re looking for one together or going shopping alone, this guide is sure to help you find the right engagement ring for your loved one.

The right design

As with any other jewellery choice, be aware of the wearer’s taste and personal style. Do your research on what the person might like. Focus on whether she prefers the classics, is interested in current trends or likes to stand out from the crowd. Would she rather like a classic solitaire diamond ring? Or will he prefer a cluster of smaller stones?

Choice of stone

It is said that the white diamond symbolizes the strength and stability of the union. Although it is still the most popular and traditional stone for engagement rings, nowadays it is possible to set a ring with any gemstone or combination of them. The ring should primarily express love for the partner. By choosing the right stone, you can also show her how well you know her. What is her favorite color? Don’t be afraid to reach for coloured diamonds or sapphires.

Material selection

Engagement rings are traditionally made of white gold, yellow gold or platinum. In recent years, red (rose) gold has also appeared in the popularity charts as a fresh, modern alternative. Again, consider the wearer’s personal style when choosing the material, and don’t forget to take lifestyle into account – some metals scratch more easily than others. Of course, also consider the budget.

Keep in mind the size of the cards

The age-old question of quality versus quantity also applies to engagement rings. Some people prefer a larger stone to a higher quality one, while others want the purest diamond possible, regardless of the number of carats. If size matters to you, keep the ideal carat size in mind when shopping and be flexible when it comes to other elements.

Get measured correctly

It may seem obvious, but make sure your ring finger is properly measured. If you’re not buying engagement rings together, you can use our handy pick.

Combination with a wedding ring

Remember that the engagement ring is only the first part of the equation. The wedding ring, the true symbol of your marriage – is often overlooked by the other half. Definitely think in advance about what style of wedding ring would go with your engagement ring. This topic is addressed separately in my article on wedding sets. But you can also find inspiration in the Wedding Rings section, or you can consult me directly and we will certainly choose a suitable alternative.

If you have any special requests, don’t forget that I offer the option of custom jewellery making . If you are unsure about anything, I will be happy to help you with it, just contact me. It takes me from 10 days to 1 month to produce a piece of jewellery. But I have some jewelry in progress, and those can be finished faster. Don’t be afraid to text me your requested date to make it all work!