Michal Kadaník presents his wedding sets

“It is an original solution for all fiancés who like perfectly matched accessories. Because she wears the rings all the time, I design and handcraft them to be comfortable, yet eye-catching. The engagement and wedding rings of the new sets match each other, but they are not exactly the same. Each one is made exactly for a specific customer,” says Michal Kadaník about the new collection, whose approach differs significantly from buying ready-to-wear jewellery in a jewellery shop.

Together with the unmistakable design and handmade production, Michal’s clients buy jewellery that reflects their individuality and taste. All rings are created after a personal consultation, gold colour and motifs can be combined, some designs can also be polished or coloured. Together, the rings form a complementary whole, as do the partners who have chosen to join their lives with them. The jeweller first creates prototypes of the rings on a 3D printer, then processes all the components by hand, including setting them with precious stones and finishing them.

Wedding set Mol – for romantics


The Mol rings are the culmination of the Molecule collection, in which Michal Kadaník works with filigree technique. The combination of white and red gold is characteristic of Michal’s jewellery. The engagement ring consists of a delicate white ring decorated with a crown of red gold grains in the centre. The jeweller set a carefully selected diamond in them. The bride’s wedding ring is made of red gold and is a tribute to the ancient jewellery technique – filigree. A network of differently sized balls is interwoven with small brilliants. The groom’s ring, an elegant white gold band, bears the light imprint of the fiancée’s ring.

Wedding set Tron – for the brave


The design of Tron wedding rings will attract especially lovers of science fiction. These rings were designed by Michal Kadaník for fiancés who are not satisfied with an ordinary ring, but are looking for an original and timeless piece of jewellery. The structure of the ring consists of variously intertwined fragments of gold. The engagement ring is made of red gold, which is crossed by a white diamond in the centre. Tiny diamonds also adorn the bride’s wedding ring. It is made of white gold, just like the groom’s ring. The structure of the rings is designed to be comfortable and can be worn every day.

Wedding set Naos – for the discerning


The Naos collection refers to traditional jewellery craftsmanship, which is combined with contemporary jewellery trends. The author has bet on a combination of different colours of gold and precious stones. The engagement ring is dominated by a decorative element made of red gold, which is topped with a perfectly cut diamond. The wedding ring for the bride is designed as a thin gold ring, the circumference of which is decorated with 35 brilliant-cut diamonds. The groom’s ring is made up of two pieces – a delicate red gold mesh is anchored to a yellow gold bezel.

Wedding set Rana – for connoisseurs of elegance


The elegant art deco style is reflected in the design of Rana wedding rings. The simple lines, accentuated by the contrasting gold colour, will impress anyone looking for an elegant and original piece of jewellery. Michal Kadaník did not skimp on diamonds, both rings for the bride are full of them. The bride’s wedding ring is additionally embellished with small gold balls, which regularly alternate with precious stones. The simple white band of the groom’s ring is decorated with a line of red gold.

Cyber wedding set – for sci-fi fans


Cyber Rings belongs to Michal Kadanik’s cyberpunk collection, in which he pays homage to the world of the near future. Cyber wedding rings are made of yellow and white gold. Yellow is the ring for the bride, which is embellished with a line of variously sized sparkling diamonds. The engagement ring is made of contrasting white gold. The simple ring is crossed in the middle and its entire circumference and the crown in the middle are decorated with other precious stones. The amorphous shape of the groom’s ring in white gold simply complements the whole set.