The strangest wedding customs

India: We know you’re cursed

If a woman is born in India in the astrological combination Mangliks, she is considered cursed, which will bring death to her future. Therefore, they first take a wedding vow to the tree, and for the curse to disappear, the tree must be destroyed immediately. Once there is nothing left of it, only then can the feasting begin.

Mauritania: Look at that!

While a lot of brides try to be as slim as possible in their wedding gowns, they probably wouldn’t be out of place in this Islamic republic in Africa. In fact, they are sent by their future husbands to so-called “fat farms” to gain bulk and beauty.


Scotland: Let’s get black!

In Scotland, respectively. some parts of it, the friends of the bridegroom (sometimes even of the bride) make a mess of him, and from head to foot they make a mixture of molasses, eggs, soot, feathers, dust, and the like. He then shows up like this in full glory in all the surrounding pubs.


Malaysia: no toilet!

The Tindong community forbids newlyweds in Malaysia to visit the toilet and bathroom for 3 days and 3 nights because they believe that if the need is done in this period of time, the woman would be infertile or the child could die.


Sweden:Mouths for all!

In Sweden, every invited guest at a wedding has the right to kiss the bride, but as soon as she moves away, the same rule applies to all women regarding the groom.


French Polynesia:Make way!

In French Polynesia, a bride probably does not like to announce her engagement to her family. This is because on the day of the wedding it must be folded into a kind of path made of human bodies, along which the groom walks.


South Korea: What to shower for?

Such a South Korean groom certainly doesn’t shower in the evening on his wedding day. Before he goes to the bridal box, he is slapped on the legs with rotten fish for at least twenty minutes.


Kenya: Phew, phew.

Kenya has one of the most peppery wedding traditions of all, when a bride leaves her home village for marriage, her father spits on her breasts and head as a farewell.


Congo:Jokes aside

In the African Congo, weddings are considered a deadly important thing, so there is a ban on smiling during the wedding.


Mongolia: Let him say chicken!

In Mongolia (and China), they use a cut-up chicken (specifically its liver) to determine if it is okay to set a wedding date. If a chicken’s liver is bad, the search continues among other chickens until some of the livers are in a state where the couple can finally choose their glorious day.