Types of earring clasps

Earrings are one of the most popular accessories and act as a unique way to express your own style. They can be worn alone, in various combinations or as piercings. When choosing them, we take into account not only the design, but also the way they are fastened. There are a number of them, each with its own advantages and specifics. In this article, we’ll take a look at the six most popular types of earring clasps and take a closer look at which is appropriate to choose and when.


The button fastening is ideal for stud earrings, where the rod is threaded through the ear and the button secures the earring. It is not the safest choice, but it is a fast and convenient way to fasten. Ideal for those who take off and put on earrings frequently.


The screw is a suitable fastening not only for stud earrings. Compared to a puzette, it differs in that the rod is threaded and a screw, sometimes also a balloon, is screwed onto it. This secure fastening method is suitable for earrings that are worn for longer periods of time and are removed less frequently. Earrings with a screw include Perlon, One or Worms-N.

Classic hinge

The classic hinge or ladies’ patent is a popular loose earring fastening. A flap on the back of the earring ensures that it stays in place and is not accidentally lost. This type of clasp is popular for its versatility on different types of earrings. Among my earrings with such a clasp is Key.

Russian patent

The Russian patent, sometimes referred to as French or Greek, is an elegant solution. The entire clasp is hidden in the ear or on the back, which is ideal for the type of earrings where a visible clasp would interfere with their design. Opening and closing is more complicated than the other types and requires a slight amount of care, but after a little practice it becomes easy. For example, the TronCircle earrings close on a Russian patent .


Also known as a baby clasp, the bustle is the perfect choice for little ladies from babies to school age. This clasp works from the front and provides a secure fit for the earrings. Since it is quite variable, it can also be used for ladies’ earrings. Anabelle earrings have a child’s closure .

African hook

Very simple but sophisticated clasp, where the hook simply goes through the earhole. It can be secured from behind with a silicone end cap that prevents unwanted unwrapping. It is especially popular with larger earrings. From my work, the Change earrings have an African hook .

Choosing the right type of earring clasp is just as important as the design itself. Each clasp method has its own advantages and suitability for certain situations or types of earrings.